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Natural Honey Importers supplies various honey varieties available in India produced from different flowers like -

  • Mustard ( Rape)
  • Eucalyptus
  • Sunflower
  • Multiflora
  • Lichee
  • Forest

Most of these varieties are available from season to season in India. However, our suppliers ensure ample storage of honey in their temperature controlled storage facility enabling us to supply uniform quality of honey through out the year. Most of the varieties are available in mono floral as well as customized blend as per customer requirement.

Our honey processing facility is HACCP and ISO 9002 Certified. Also our suppliers are a Export Inspection Council of India certified unit and are registered by the FDA.

We have one of the best technology and expertise to process high quality honey in India. Our honey analysis laboratory has equipment such as, HPLC & ELISA to monitor quality of raw as well as processed honey. Most analysis are conducted in house. In process monitoring system in place ensures our honey retains taste, aroma and colour of its original floral source.